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Using Jade + Express + Node.js + Mongoose + MongoDB for my app, but this issue I ran into is likely in Jade:

I have some code as follows that prints a list of posts by title, author

      -each post in records
            #{post.title} was written by #{post.author}
            <a href ="#{post.title}"> Link to Article </a>

Now I want to the link in written Jade instead of HTML, but when I replace the line with


it links to /#{post.title} instead of the variable name such as /newpost1. Doing it as


returns an error. I'm sure this is a syntax issue, but I can't find the solution in the GitHub documentation

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pretty sure you can just do:

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Doh I forgot I didn't have to escape from within Jade. Thanks! – varunsrin Apr 18 '11 at 2:11
From within a repeat group, the above didn't work for me, but a(href="{{post.link}}") did – Soren May 4 '14 at 21:30


- var records = [ { title: 'one', author: 'one' }, { title: 'two', author: 'two' } ];
  -each post in records
        | #{post.title} was written by #{post.author}
        a(href =post.title) Link to Article


<div id="articles">
  <div class="article">one was written by one<a href="one">Link to Article</a></div>
  <div class="article">two was written by two<a href="two">Link to Article</a></div>
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