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I am having difficulty both publishing content to a Facebook Page wall, and also finding up to date documentation about how to accomplish this (the Facebook pages that I have found links to in other questions asked here either are missing or broken).

The application I am writing would periodically push content on a schedule basis from a ruby on rails application via a cron job/rake task to the fan page wall. I am hoping that someone may have an up to date guide or instructions on how to push content to Facebook page walls.

Any help would be appreciated.

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please take a look at an old post I have made about this question.

Easy way of posting on Facebook page (not a profile but a fanpage)

Hope it helps!

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Thank you! Your suggestion along with Love Sharmas direction on how to retrieve the tokens were very helpful. I wish I could accept both your answers but I can only pick one so I selected yours. – bdorry Apr 18 '11 at 14:46

Check this:

Post to Facebook Page using API

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Thank you! I wish I could select multiple answers because yours and Kleber's both helped get me it working this morning. – bdorry Apr 18 '11 at 14:49

Koala rocks my world!

Assuming you have asked for write permission to their wall (first read this: [pay attention to the 'scope' parameter] refer to this for the permissions: [you'll need to ask for publish_stream permisson], then read, and have a valid oauth token, its as simple as:

@graph.put_wall_post("hey, i'm learning koala")

Also, read for Koala on ROR.

See the oauth examples at: (Source code:

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