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Hey everyone, I have a functioning string compare method written in MIPS (bit by bit comparison of two strings from an input by the user), but I'm trying to update it to compare the second input with one that I have stored in memory. (If those two are equal, I want to use the first string somewhere else).

However, I'm running into some issues. Here's my code:

str1: .space 20
str2: .space 20
msg1:.asciiz "Please enter string (max 20 characters): "
msg2: .asciiz "\n Please enter method (max 20 chars): "
msg3:.asciiz "\nSAME"
msg4:.asciiz "\nNOT SAME"

.text .globl main

li $v0,4 #loads msg1
la $a0,msg1

li $v0,8
la $a0,str1
addi $a1,$zero,20
syscall          #got string to manipulate

li $v0,4        #loads msg2
la $a0,msg2

li $v0,8
la $a0,str2
addi $a1,$zero,20
syscall         #got string method

    la $a0,str1             #pass address of str1  
la $a1,str2         #pass address of str2  
jal methodComp      #call methodComp  

beq $v0,$zero,ok    #check result  
li $v0,4
la $a0,msg4
j exit

li $v0,4
la $a0,msg3
li $v0,10

add $t0,$zero,$zero
add $t1,$zero,$a0
add $t2,$zero,$a1

lb $t3($t1) #load a byte from each string
lb $t4($t2)
beqz $t3,checkt2 #str1 end
beqz $t4,missmatch
slt $t5,$t3,$t4 #compare two bytes
bnez $t5,missmatch
addi $t1,$t1,1 #t1 points to the next byte of str1
addi $t2,$t2,1
j loop

addi $v0,$zero,1
j endfunction
bnez $t4,missmatch
add $v0,$zero,$zero

jr $ra

Essentially, what I was hoping to do was declare at the beginnning

strToCompare: .asciiz "foo"

and change where I pass the adress of "str1" from

la $a0,str1 #pass address of str1


la $a0,strToCompare #pass address of strToCompare

Does anyone know why this would not work, or a better way to implement this? Thanks a bunch, sorry if my formatting is off, this is my firs time posting.

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You are missing the line feed character (\n) that your input method (the system call you are using to input data from the user) is adding at the end. You can either preprocess your input string to remove that line feed or add it to your stored string. The latter is easy, just change

strToCompare: .asciiz "foo"


strToCompare: .asciiz "foo\n"
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Thank you, I knew it was something relatively simple, just couldnt figure out what was missing! –  zomgcopters Apr 18 '11 at 19:35

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