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Hey, I know the title is really bad...I didn't know what else to say. Well anyways, I have a website that I want to track their ip and geo address ip, and found this snippet from CSS-Tricks, http://css-tricks.com/snippets/php/get-geo-ip-information/ I got that working, and the return was Array ( [domain] => dslb-094-219-040-096.pools.arcor-ip.net [country] => DE - Germany [state] => Hessen [town] => Fl�rsheim ).

I have made a table and want to disect that array and put city into one mysql row, country into another one, and domain into another one. Can anyone help me make a mysql insert that inserts all of these different datas into each corresponding mysql row?

Thanks for all help...I have just recently started learning php, so I am still quite of a beginner.

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What is the problem? Is it "how to access the array components" or "how do I insert something into my DB"? –  cweinberger Apr 18 '11 at 4:29

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Since the geoCheckIP already returns an array (read more), you can do as follow:

$geoData = geoCheckIP($ip);

And you would read each value like:


And a MySQL insert for this would be something like:

$query = sprintf("INSERT INTO `users_data` (`domain`, `country`, `state`, `town`) VALUES ('%s', '%s', '%s', '%s')", mysql_real_escape_string($geoData["domain"]), mysql_real_escape_string($geoData["country"]), mysql_real_escape_string($geoData["state"]), mysql_real_escape_string($geoData["town"])); 

More on mysql_real_escape_string

More on php and mysql

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