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Does anyone know how to give a different color to each country in a google map?


in the world map

Blue overlay to UK, then RED china...etc

I wonder if google provide API to give color to each country


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you may check this question,it's the same question you are asking. How to color countries using google maps?

it's talking about google Geocharts in google maps.

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Using Google Maps is not easy, as oezi said you would need to build overlays of every country you want to color, which frankly sounds like a mess.

But if you don't need all of the functionalities of Google Maps, perhaps you can use a Map Chart from the fantastic Google Chart Tools (aka Chart API). You can check and tinker with a working example of a Colored Map (among some others) in the interactive Chart Wizard.

Hope this helps!

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there is a possibility to change the map style. and there is a very nice interactive example here - but, as far as i can see, it isn't possible to change the style of a specific country using this, so you'll have to build your own overlays using polygons.

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