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I have an array of x ( NOT FIXED ) values. But I need another array that only has the last n values (NOT FIXED) . How do I achieve this? With this new array of n values, I need two arrays of length n/2 and n/2 that have alternative values of that original n valued array .

I have a specific problem and I have generalized it here . Also, I need to be able to dynamically provide the value "n" inside the code based on some other criterion ...

All using PHP.

Thanks a lot.

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if you still be clear with ur question, it will help. if you can show the examples of array how it should look, it would be great. – Hacker Apr 18 '11 at 4:17
array_reverse, iterate over list, find big number, cut out, reverse result again. – mario Apr 18 '11 at 4:32

You simply can use array_slice where the start is the array length - n

$array = array();
$n = 5;
$newArray = array_slice($array, (count($array) - $n) -1);
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You could use array_slice to achieve this, so in the example the 2, could be replaced by a fixed N try the example with your own array.

array array_slice ( array $array , int $offset [, int $length [, bool $preserve_keys = false ]] )

$input = array("a", "b", "c", "d", "e");

$output = array_slice($input, 2);      // returns "c", "d", and "e"
$output = array_slice($input, -2, 1);  // returns "d"
$output = array_slice($input, 0, 3);   // returns "a", "b", and "c"

// note the differences in the array keys
print_r(array_slice($input, 2, -1));
print_r(array_slice($input, 2, -1, true));
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