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How can i convert this join stmnt to linq syntax

SELECT pv.Product_ID, pv.Product, v.Add_ID, v.Product_ID
  FROM Product AS pv 
  JOIN Product_Add AS v
  ON ((pv.Product_ID = v.Add_ID) OR (pv.Product_ID = v.Product_ID))
     where(( pv.Product_ID = v.Product_ID) OR (pv.product_ID = v.Add_ID))


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do accpet answer if you got the info you want –  Pranay Rana Apr 18 '11 at 6:12

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I would convert this for you

but its better you use this tool which is really help full to me to convert sql to linq code


just download and install on your machine will do work for you.

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Instead of Join, you can use from...where, it's the same thing.

from pv in Product
from v in Product_Add
where ((pv.Product_ID == v.Add_ID) || (pv.Product_ID == v.Product_ID))
     &&(( pv.Product_ID = v.Product_ID) || (pv.product_ID = v.Add_ID))

(You just AND all the join conditions with the rest of the where if you have multiple joins)

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