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I have a column whose value is

col1 +ASM_DISK_GROUP_TIER1/mydb/data/myfile.111.326

i would like to split the string into something like this

ASM_DISK_GROUP_TIER1        /mydb/data/myfile.111.326         myfile.111.326   
(without the +sign)

select regexp_substr(col1,'[^/]*') from dual

and i am clueless how to get the second and the third part i.e /mydb/data/myfile.111.326 myfile.111.326

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Oracle regular expression support is quite limited -- unlike other languages which let you use parentheses to get back parts of the match, in Oracle you can only get the whole matched string (or its start or end position with REGEXP_INSTR).
There are various ways to work around this if you have to, using regexp magic and arithmetic, but in this case you should admit that you are actually just looking for the first and last occurrence of / and code accordingly:

SELECT SUBSTR(col1, 2, INSTR(col1, "/") - 2) "Disk Group",
       SUBSTR(col1, INSTR(col1, "/")) "Path",
       SUBSTR(col1, INSTR(col1, "/", -1)) "File Name"
FROM ...

(Not tested).

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Actually you might want SUBSTR(col1, INSTR(col1, "/", -1) + 1) for the file name so that the / before it isn't included. –  LHMathies Apr 18 '11 at 20:42

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