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I'm brand new to Java and have always been a c kind-of-guy. That being said, I'm trying to use the JSON libraries (packages? classes? Java terminology is so damn confusing!) and am having issues adding them as a reference.

These three imports cannot be resolved:

import org.json.simple.JSONArray;

import org.json.simple.JSONObject;

import org.json.simple.JSONValue;

I went to and downloaded the Java libraries but I'm not sure what to do with them. I've tried to go into project properties and add an external class to no avail. I noticed the downloaded folder is full of .java files. What am I supposed to do with these?

Sorry to present such a noob question on here, but I'm stumped.

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Think of a .jar as a static library in C. When you compile your code you have to explicitly tell javac where those jars are. If you're using an IDE there will be a way to add them to your project, otherwise you have to use -classpath /my/jar/file.jar with javac – Brian Roach Apr 18 '11 at 5:40
Why static? JAR is DLL/SO/SL! ;) – Vladimir Dyuzhev Apr 18 '11 at 5:59
Yeah ... I was thinking about that after I wrote it but it's late. It's a dynamic library provided you have multiple apps running in the same VM and pulling it from the same classloader ... which would confuse him even more :-D – Brian Roach Apr 18 '11 at 6:09
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This is a wrong download I believe. You need JSON-Simple library from here . Your link points to another implementation.

After download the *.jar should be added to the classpath. How you do it depends on the tools you use. In Eclipse it is right-click on the project, Properties->Libraries and add the new JAR.

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  • Right click on the Eclipse project,
  • choose Properties
  • Select Java Build Path
  • Click the libraries tab
  • click add external jars
  • find the json jar(s) and add them.
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Why isn't this at the top. Methinks SO needs to reevaluate their criteria for a correct answer. – jamesamuir Aug 23 '12 at 2:45
@jamesamuir OP selects the correct answer. – zack Apr 14 '15 at 8:21

Be advised: Json and JsonSimple are not the same. If you are using Maven you can get json-simple by adding this dependency to your pom file:

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