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In WPF, we can use ObservableCollection<T> to binding to a ItemsControl so that it dynamically update the UI when the collection changed. Today I saw another BindingList<T> which can do the same thing like the ObservableCollection<T> does. But the BindingList<T> doesn't implement the INotifyCollectionChanged; so I feel I was wrong that an collection which implements the INotifyCollectionChanged interface can do this thing alike. Is there any explanation about this feature?

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But it implements IRaiseItemChangedEvents.

I think BindingList was designed with more complex DataBinding scenarios, that allow add and edit items from view.

INotifyCollectionChanged is only to tell, when the list changed.

WPF probably has spefic implementation to support BindingList.

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Can I assume that only a collection that implements IRaiseItemChangedEvent or INotifyCollectionChanged interface can do the update list in dinding. Any others? –  Howard Apr 18 '11 at 6:02

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