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I have installed eclipse Helios c/c++ on my Ubuntu 10.04. Now I can easily develop c or c++ application.

Now my problem is that I want to use Java on this eclipse. I know that eclipse is made for Java . But I use eclipse Helios c/c++(Its a new eclipse for developing c or c++ application).

In this IDE You don't find the option of making Java project .

Can anyone tell me how to write Java application in this IDE( Eclipse -Helios c/c++)?

can anyone tell me how to do this ?

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Go to the Help menu, then Install New Software. In the "Work with" box, drop it down and select Helios - Wait for the Name box to populate. Go down to Programming Languages and click it.
Select "Eclipse Java Development Tools". Screenshot1 Click through the installation, selecting that you agree to the license terms (assuming you do). Restart Eclipse. In the upper right hand corner, there's a tiny icon that looks like panes of glass, and it probably has an icon next to it that says C/C++. Click that, and open up the Java perspective. Screenshot2

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