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Is there a way to remove/ uninstall a self signed certificate from my store using powershell ?

I tried

Remove-Item cert:\LocalMachine\My\$thumb

it did not work, I got an exception saying "Provider does not support this operation"

I also tried

 certmgr.msc /del /n "MyTestServer" /s MY

it did not work either

How can I uninstall certificate from store ??

Thanks in advance Jeez

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Remove-Item does not work with certificates because der cert-provider is readonly in powershell. Found that information here

$store = new-object system.security.cryptography.x509certificates.x509Store 'My','CurrentUser'
$certs = @(dir cert:\currentuser\my | ? { $_.Subject -like '*MyTestServer*' })
foreach ($cert in $certs) {$store.Remove($cert)}

I found the solution here in the comments. So it is untested.

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Thanks a lot for the info, it works :) –  JeeZ Apr 19 '11 at 5:13
You are welcome. –  Tom Apr 19 '11 at 6:13

Found this article because remove-item wasn't working.

This is not exactly 'true' powershell, but I use this method:

certutil -delstore my "5314bdfa0255be36e53e749d033"

You can get thumbprint via cert:\LocalMachine\my or through certutil. In my case, I have multiple certs with exact same name, so I like above method more because it gives me a specific target when I delete a cert.

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This will work as well in powershell

To get the thumbpeint dir cert:\localmachine\my

To delete the thumbprint del cert:\localmachine\my\thumbprint

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