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I'm trying to implement a trivial script command, byt have no success.. My sdef file

<class name="image" plural="images" code="imag" description="Image class">
    <cocoa class="MyImage" />
    <property name="width" code="wdth" type="real" access="r" description="The width of the image."/>
    <property name="height" code="hght" type="real" access="r" description="The height of the image."/>
    <responds-to name="rotate">
        <cocoa method="scriptingRotate:"/>
<command name="rotate" code="frwkrota" description="Rotate the image.">
    <direct-parameter type="image"/>
    <parameter name="by" code="by  " type="real" description="Degrees to rotate.">
        <cocoa key="angle"/>

My dictionary is ok: image responds to rotate and so on.. But

tell application "MyApp"
    rotate image 1 by 1
end tell

says that: "Expected end of line but found class name." Where is the mistake?

get image 1 works normally (MyImage have objectSpecifier).


Seems like it was a bug with ScriptEditor..

Restarting ScriptEditor solved the problem.

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