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I wrote sms application for which I wrote BroadcastReceiver.I want to get data from BroadcastReceiver into my activity ,so how do I get it.Please help me ,Please.

My Broadcast Reciever code is below:

public class SmsReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver
    public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) 
         //---get the SMS message passed in---
        Bundle bundle = intent.getExtras();        
        SmsMessage[] msgs = null;
        String str = "";            
        if (bundle != null)
            //---retrieve the SMS message received---
            Object[] pdus = (Object[]) bundle.get("pdus");
            msgs = new SmsMessage[pdus.length];            
            for (int i=0; i<msgs.length; i++){
                msgs[i] = SmsMessage.createFromPdu((byte[])pdus[i]);                
                str +=  msgs[i].getOriginatingAddress();                     


            //---display the new SMS message---
            Toast.makeText(context, str, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

I want to get back "str" value into another activity.

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In broadcast:

Intent intent = new Intent(context, MyActivity.class);
intent.putExtra("sms-text", str);

in your activity:

Intent intent = getIntent();
String sms = intent.getExtras().getString("sms-text");
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Does this work even if MyActivity is running? Will it cause onCreate to rerun or anything like that? –  Phil Jun 3 '11 at 21:45

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