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The question is simple but i can't find a good and clear answer for it.

What is the right way to:

  1. Delete control from container
  2. Remove it from the memory, in ExtJs 4?
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Ext.AbstractContainer.remove method can't be far off.

remove( Component/String component, [Boolean autoDestroy]) : Void

Removes a component from this container. Fires the beforeremove event before removing, then fires the remove event after the component has been removed. Parameters

  • component : Component/String The component reference or id to remove.

  • autoDestroy : Boolean (optional) True to automatically invoke the removed Component's Ext.Component.destroy function. Defaults to the value of this Container's autoDestroy config.

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Be advised that this also deletes the DOM element. – dan-klasson Feb 28 '13 at 22:26

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