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I am trying to test user input, basically var1, var2 and var3, needs to be in c1, c2,c3, c4, c5, c6, c7. I am in ksh

I tried an if statement with -a and -o as well and it did not work, I tried playing with [] surrounding variables, doesn't work, I tried omitting the &&, nothing Can anyone help?


if [[ "$var1" && "$var2" && "$var3"   =  "$c1" || "$c2" || "$c3" || "$c4" || "$c5" || "$c6" || "$c7" ]]


case "$var1" -a "$var2" -a "$var3" in 

I also tried putting c1 to c7 inside a select statement, but that doesn't allow me to select 3 variables from it. Any solution? Thank you

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You can't test multiple variables like that.

Write a function to check one variable is valid, then chain calls together.

    local value=$1
    case $value in 
              return 0
    return 1

if isValid $var1 && isValid $var2 && isValid $var3 ; then
   echo "All valid"
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