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I have searched the net for a good example on this subject, to no avail. Hence, I ask the Stackoverflow community. If there are any examples on rendering to a texture array with Direct3D. This preferably by selecting layers to render to with the geometry shader. Both depth and color should be possible to render.

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A texture array is a texture type, similar to a 3D texture. The difference is that, when sampling, no interpolation between the layers is possible. Texture arrays are available both in DirectX and OpenGL. I asked the question, because it is hard to find info on using this texture type as a rendertarget. –  Morgan Bengtsson Apr 18 '11 at 11:18
OK. I see. They are only supported in DirectX 10. Earlier versions only have volume textures. You can render target a 3D texture in DirectX 10 no prob, and you shouldn't be needing interpolation because you are writing to it. Why can't you write to a 3D texture, and then break it apart to form your texture array? –  Stephen Chung Apr 18 '11 at 11:24

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Check this link. Scroll down until you find cubic shadow maps. It teaches how to use Texture2DArrays.

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