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I need to store a relational Db on the cloud for a college project. Does any1 know of a service that offers a free trial period or even a free student usage (some chance). I already have the application working with a MySQL Db (phpMyadmin), ideally a service that would require very little changes to my app would be the best solution. I have had a look at amazon RDS but there is no trial, I also had a look at Aptana, but a pro version of their IDE is needed ($99). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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WSO2's Data-As-A-Service is the best way to suffice your requirement. What you have to do is, just simply create a domain for yourself in stratoslive [1] (demo is the free version available there) and consume its Data-As-A-Service solutions which enables you to create a relational database free of charge to be used in your application. This service would create a mysql database in the Relational Storage Service offered by WSO2. For further details, refer the article located at [2].

[1] https://stratoslive.wso2.com [2] http://wso2.org/library/articles/2011/09/wso2-unveils-its-relational-storage-solutions-wso2-stratoslive

Cheers, Prabath

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Maybe Microsoft SQL Azure is an option?

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thanks I got it sorted using xeround.com – RonanC Apr 18 '11 at 10:50

You might check out http://www.iis.net/previewoffers they do include a both SQL Server and MySQL as part of their offers.

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Here are some Cloud database services, which provides free-trials. Some limits the database records/transaction, while other gives time trial. But worth trying.

Salesforce's Database.com


Microsoft offers SQL Azure Database

ClearDB - MySQL powered cloud database

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