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I need to implement custom space separator with custom width between two part of paragraph in text view:


This is separator must be included as non-editable character. So user can't delete it or modify. I understand, that i must overload standard behavior of textview in some points (for example, when user press "delete" right after separator nothing will be deleted)

I have several ideas how accomplish this task:

  1. Use elastic glyph attribute (there are mentions in documentation about it). But I can't find any documentation about how to use it.

  2. Use tab symbol and NSTextTab for each paragraph, and in any modification to the paragraph recalculate position of tab.

I will be very grateful for any right direction.

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I had a similar problem and wound up inserting blank images of the desired width into the textview. The code for implementing this is here: Changing the width of the space character in NSTextView

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