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I have WCF rest service returning XML/RSS feeds. Some methods return data contracts, some Rss20FeedFormatter, and some are streams.

In all cases XML returns without any indentation. But I have requirement to return it formatted with indentations.

Is it possible to enable XML response indentation for WCF service?

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You can load the xml output onto an xmlDocument and use XmlTextWriter to add "indent" settings.

Or you can use a simple xslt to transform the output xml onto the format that you want. for indent use

<xsl:output indent="yes" method="xml"/>
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the first method is ok but how to the second method? –  ios_user Mar 19 at 13:58

I'm not sure if WCF services can return formatted responses but here's a link to a nice method for formatting XML easily that you could implement from the calling source code.

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