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this is my tamil UTF-8 unicode string

"\u00e0\u00ae\u009c\u00e0\u00af\u0086\u00e0\u00ae\u00a9\u00e0\u00ae\u00bf\u00e0\u00ae\u00b2\u00e0\u00ae\u00bf\u00e0\u00ae\u00af\u00e0\u00ae\u00be \u00e0\u00ae\u00aa\u00e0\u00af\u0081\u00e0\u00ae\u0095\u00e0\u00af\u0088\u00e0\u00ae\u00aa\u00e0\u00af\u008d\u00e0\u00ae\u00aa\u00e0\u00ae\u009f\u00e0\u00ae\u00ae\u00e0\u00af\u008d"

i want to decode it and display the tamil font

in android is this posible,how to do ?

please help me

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are you using webview or textview –  Samuel Apr 18 '11 at 10:15
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You can save the tamil (ttf) font in the assets folder, and use it like this:

TextView text; // initialize to your textview
Typeface tf = Typeface.createFromAsset(this.getAssets(),"fonts/tamil.ttf");
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Did this answer help you? –  sparkymat Aug 10 '11 at 6:55

The best way to display tamil in android is to use TSCII font as described here. Unicode is not yet fully supported.

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Step 1: Download a tamil font .ttf file. (For example say kanchi.ttf).

Step 2: Now create a directory "fonts" in your assets folder in the android project.

Step 3: Now copy the kanchi.ttf file into assets/fonts folder in you Android project.

Step 4: Add these lines to your onCreate()

protected static Typeface tamil = null;
tamil= Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(),"fonts/kanchi.ttf");

Step 5: Now provide this typeface to your TextView you want.

    textview= (TextView) findViewById(R.id.tipstext);
    textview.setText( "nkZk;");
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hi thanks for ur help.i have another one doubt here i want to display like "இந்த மொழியில்: English" how to set this string in textview –  tamil Jul 7 '11 at 6:11

if you are using webview, place the your font file 'tamilfont.ttf' in the assets folder. and the java code will be similar to this. notice the font is applied in the css

    data = "<html><head><style>@font-face {font-family: 'tamilfont';src: url('file:///android_asset/tamilfont.ttf');} h1 { font-family: 'tamilfont'; } </style></head><body> <h1>தமிழன்!</h1> </body></html>"; 
    WebView wv = (WebView)findViewById(R.id.webview);
    wv.loadDataWithBaseURL(null, data, "text/html", "UTF-8", null);

this approach does not work in android 2.0 and 2.1.

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hi i am using json and stored as string –  tamil Apr 19 '11 at 12:47
what is your output control to display? WebView / TextView ... –  Samuel Apr 20 '11 at 5:14
@PM - Paresh Mayani: could you kindly point me where 'he' has mentioned webview. i presume that 'he' is 'me'. ;) –  Samuel Jul 1 '11 at 4:44

I Have one to open Tamil font convert doc to pdf and then try to open in android phones

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This is not the proper way to answer give some reference,code,links. –  Aniket Kulkarni Dec 28 '12 at 6:40
Specify exact solution –  sreejithsdev Dec 28 '12 at 6:59

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