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I want to pass certain macros defined in Makefile to preprocessor like "_DBGR_ON_" in the following code so that code will be assembled accordingly. This option is working in diab compiler(c cross compiler for powerpc) by defining it with -D_DBGR_ON_ in makefile and including it as Assembler flag. But how to include it in GCC.

When I do the same(ASFLAGS = -mregnames -D_DBGR_ON_.), i was getting error: unrecognized option `-_DBGR_ON_'

Then, I tried ASFLAGS = -mregnames -D _DBGR_ON_, I was getting "can't open _DBGR_ON_ for reading: No such file or directory"

Please help as -D option is ignored in GCC.

I was using -D option to do conditional assembly, compiling in Diab. How to do it in GCC. I am stuck here.

Regards, Thulasi

Contents of startup.s file...

    .globl      _start
.ifndef _DBGR_ON_   # Flash mode   
   mfmsr        r3
   ori        r3,r3,0x1040              # Set ME/IP flags
   mtmsr        r3
   mfmsr        r3
   ori        r3,r3,0x1000                # Set ME/IP flags
   mtmsr        r3
.endif #_DBGR_ON_

.......and so on..

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I think this is more of a gas issue than GCC or C preprocessor. gas does not do preprocessing itself (although it can be run via gcc to invoke the C preprocessor first). .ifndef is a gas directive which works at the level of symbols defined in the assembler file - not a C preprocessor directive (#ifndef).

In which case: what you need in your ASFLAGS is --defsym _DBGR_ON_=1.

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