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I have a table with several groups of columns. The table is larger than my page, so I have a control to show/hide some of these groups to fit on the page. The initial table looks good: all columns are about the same width within a group. But when I hide a group, the columns are not the same width anymore, and it looks bad.

Example: http://www.reviews-web-hosting.com/companies/apollohosting.html

So far, the table looks fine. Click on >>. The first column under "Ecommerce Pro" is much wider than the other columns under "Ecommerce Pro", it looks odd. Click on <<, this time the first column under "Value" is too wide. At least on Firefox.

I've tried to use

<colgroup><col /><col span="5" />...

but no luck. If I set a col to style="display: none", the set of columns is still displayed.

Any HTML/CSS tip to keep the columns with the same width withing a group?


  • to hide a column, I have to use visibility: collapse
  • it seems to be resizing well now, I do not know why
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If you set the style table-layout: fixed; on your table, you can override the browser's automatic column resizing. The browser will then set column widths based on the width of cells in the first row of the table. Change your <thead> to <caption> and remove the <td> inside of it, and then set fixed widths for the cells in <tbody>.

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+1: This answer helped me with an issue just five minutes ago. –  banjollity Mar 9 '09 at 11:53
The single modification of adding table-layout: fixed; solved the same problem for me (FFox 11). –  heltonbiker Feb 16 '12 at 18:37
what's the point of using table layout fixed if you need to set cell width ? –  jokoon Sep 27 '12 at 14:21

In your case, since you are only showing 3 columns:

Name    Value 	  	Business
Name    Business  	Ecommerce Pro

why not set all 3 to have a width of 33.3%. since only 3 are ever shown at once, the browser should render them all a similar width.

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The number of cells can cahnge as I hide/show different columns –  Julien Mar 14 '09 at 6:23

well, why don't you (get rid of sidebar and) squeeze the table so it is without show/hide effect? It looks odd to me now. The table is too robust.
Otherwise I think scunliffe's suggestion should do it. Or if you wish, you can just set the exact width of table and set either percentage or pixel width for table cells.

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Some tables are way too large, event without the side bar. –  Julien Mar 14 '09 at 6:24

give this style to td: width: 1%;

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You can use :nth-child and :nth-last-child for this. You just have to write simple loops in SASS. Unfortunately it generates a lot of code if you set max columns high value.

$maxColumns: 10;
@for $i from 1 through $maxColumns{
  @for $j from -$i through -1{
    $j: abs($j);
    table tr{
        td, th{
            &:nth-child(#{1 + $i - $j}):nth-last-child(#{$j}){ width: #{100% / $i}; }
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