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I use devise with module TokenAuthentication

And it is ok when I unauthenticated and I follow link with ?auth_token= part. Like this:

I follow link: /orders?auth_token=q2a8w6virARzv6B2C1vR where q2a8w6virARzv6B2C1vR is authentication_token of user1. And now I logged in as user1.

But when I logged in as some user via email\password and common sign_in page and then follow such link with auth_token with another user token I unexpectedly stay logged in as first user.

Like this:

  1. I sign in via sign in page. I fill in email and password of user2. And now I logged in as user2
  2. I follow link: /orders?auth_token=q2a8w6virARzv6B2C1vR where q2a8w6virARzv6B2C1vR is authentication_token of user1. And I still logged in as user2 instead of expected user1.

Is it bug? And what is the best practices to change this behavior to force replace authentication via token?

Rails 3.0.6

Devise 1.2.1

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you did uncomment :token_authenticatable in your user model, correct?

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Yes, of course I uncommented :token_authenticatable in user model –  petRUShka Apr 18 '11 at 12:20

Let's do some question necromancy...

Before running stragegies (token_authenticatable, database_authenticatable) Warden first checks if user is already set in current session.

This happens in:

Is action responding /orders query supposed to use only token auth? If so, you can add: before_filter: reset_session (before authorize_user) so that Warden failed to unserialize user from the session and was forced to perform authentication.

[EDIT] This issue ticket contains reasonable solution:

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