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With Flex 4 a new library called flash-integration.swc was introduced to the SDK. Does anybody know what the purpose of this library is?

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It contains mx.flash.UIMovieClip, mx.flash.ContainerMovieClip and mx.flash.FlexContentHolder which are the part of Adobe Flash Component Kit for Flex and produces integration of Flash content within Flex applications. You can read more here.

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Thanx for the link and the explanation. –  Yaba Apr 18 '11 at 12:21

It was made into it's own standalone SWC, branched off from utilities.swc.


The SWC appears to simply contain a few libraries and one component. You can find this nfo in a truncated version of the SWC's catalog below:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding ="utf-8"?>
<swc xmlns="http://www.adobe.com/flash/swccatalog/9">
    <swc version="1.2" />
    <flex version="4.5.0" build="19786" minimumSupportedVersion="3.0.0" />
    <feature-script-deps />
    <feature-components />
    <feature-files />
    <component className="mx.flash:FlexContentHolder" name="FlexComponentBase" uri="http://www.adobe.com/someNonSensicalURI"  />
    <library path="library.swf">
      <script name="mx/flash/UIMovieClip" mod="1294360346590" signatureChecksum="2489211033" >
      <script name="mx/flash/ContainerMovieClip" mod="1288903295049" signatureChecksum="747581936" >
      <script name="mx/flash/FlexContentHolder" mod="1275497612711" signatureChecksum="3383159784" >
      <script name="_5388b587d6475d1d70347b16048793ca2fd9ec82f1792157b30dade9a418de69_flash_display_Sprite" mod="1295301928226" signatureChecksum="2221373773" >
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