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I have a NSFetchedResultController with this predicate set:

NSPredicate* pred = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"author != %@ && deleted != %@", [NSNumber numberWithLongLong:0],[NSNumber numberWithBool:YES]];

It filters fine on startup, and I get a delegate callback and list updates fine if objects are added or deleted.

But if I change the "deleted" field, the NSFetchedResultController set is NOT updated, nor do I get the callback.

Though, the actual object in the NSFetchedResultController is updated, if I do a "reloadData" on my table and check the value of "deleted", it is actually set to YES.

Why is it not disappearing from the NSFetchedResultController?

Is this expected behavior? Or what could I be doing wrong?

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I guess I solved it...

Turns out I actually do get the callback ("didChangeObject") and I now check the value of "deleted" here and manually remove it from the NSFetchedResultController if the value is YES.

Seems to work, but I still did expect it to be automatic.

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