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How can an integer or decimal variable be converted into a hex string? I can do the opposite (convert hex to int) but I can't figure out the other way.

This is for Serial.print() hex values in an array.

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Write your own method? Have you checked the arduino documentation? –  Trevor Arjeski Apr 18 '11 at 13:06

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Take a look at the Arduino String tutorial here. The code below was taken from that example.

// using an int and a base (hexadecimal):
stringOne =  String(45, HEX);   
// prints "2d", which is the hexadecimal version of decimal 45:

There are plenty of other examples on that page, though I think for floating point numbers you'll have to roll your own.

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Just confirming what Nathan said about floating points. The code base to support printing out floating points is considered too large to be included by default. A simple solution is to multiply your number by 100 or so and print it as an int. –  baalexander Apr 18 '11 at 15:30

There's a simple solution, just use:

Serial.print(yourVariable, HEX);
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The Streaming library provides a built in way to do this:

#include <Streaming.h>
Serial << "45 in hex is " << _HEX(45) << endl;

You will need to download the Library from http://arduiniana.org/libraries/streaming/ and place it in a subdirectory of your Sketchbook folder. The Menu File-Preferences will show you where that is.

This library can also be used when outputting to LCDs.

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