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if a web application developed in 32bit machine then deployed in server machine which is 64 bit machine...will this make application slower in any chance.

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try it and find out, there is no way to tell in the general case. –  Mat Apr 18 '11 at 12:37

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That depends on a number of things:

  • Is the 64-bit machine running a 64-bit OS? Probably it is, but you never know.
  • How efficient is the 64-bit OS at executing native 32-bit code?
  • Does the 64-bit -> 32-bit translation layer perform any clever optimizations, like making the extra registers available on x64 hardware available to the 32-bit runtime?
  • Was the code compiled for a 64-bit target architecture (this would make the previous points irrelevant, apart from the first one)? Developing on a 32-bit machine doesn't prohibit you from compiling for a 64-bit machine.
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