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Hi I need Mootools for my chronoforms, prototype for my lightbox 2 (I think) and maybe also some jQuery in the future.
When I enable Mootools, lightbox 2 is not working in IE, when I disable it, lightbox works fine but I get errors on my page from my chronoforms form.

Is there a good and easy way to make sure you don't get any problems using all three together?

And something like JQuery.noConflict() is not an easy solution.

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you cannot have mootools and prototype co-exist. they both change element and array prototypes and you can't noConflict this for the life of you. time to reconsider what you use as you really should go to a single framework - they all can do what you need individually.

you can have mootools + jquery or prototype + jquery, however.

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Thanks, so I better download slimbox 2 and use it togheter with mootools (a lot of joomla plugins use it). How do I use the noconflict, do I have to change every $ to JQuery? –  Ruben Apr 18 '11 at 12:47
depends on your version of mootools. if you are on mootools 1.2.3+ then it's simple. just load jquery before you load mootools and mootools will drop to using document.id() instead of $. if you are on older mootools, then you need the noConflict and you need to load jquery afterwards. changing $ to jQuery will work or use a closure like (function($) { console.log($); // jQuery })(jQuery); around your code - keeping $ assigned to what it should be within the function. just careful about scope management. the reverse applies if mootools goes to document.id - just pass document.id above. –  Dimitar Christoff Apr 18 '11 at 13:04
thanks man, it works without changing anything so jquery is probably loaded before mootools. –  Ruben Apr 18 '11 at 13:09

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