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there is a table with columns: id, artist, title, album. i need to get rows with different values of pair (artist, title) and album


i have now (result of my query):
===artist ======= title ========= album
some artist1 === song title 1 === first album
some artist1 === song title 1 === second album
some artist1 === song title 1 === third album

i need:
===artist ======= title ========= album
some artist1 === song title 1 === first album

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Use group by as

select * from `table` group by title,artist;

It will return one row for one pair of title and artist.

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FROM    (
        SELECT  DISTINCT artist, title
        FROM    mytable
        ) td
JOIN    mytable t
ON      t.id = 
        SELECT  id
        FROM    mytable ti
        WHERE   (ti.artist, ti.title) = (td.artist, td.title)
        ORDER BY
                ti.artist, ti.title, ti.id
        LIMIT 1

This will return first album for a given (artist, title) in id order.

Change ORDER BY condition in the subquery to control which album will be returned.

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Filter out second and third album. WHERE album NOT IN ('second album','third album')

It helps though if we can see schema.

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Which album you choose to show, depends on the ordering of albums. That ordering is not unique, but something like the following could produce what you are looking for:

SELECT artist, title, MAX(album)
FROM MyTable
GROUP BY artist, title
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Try this:

GROUP BY artist title album
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