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What are some of the nastiest, most difficult bugs you have had to track and fix and why?

I am both genuinely curious and knee deep in the process as we speak. So as they say - misery likes company.

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For embedded systems:

Unusual behaviour reported by customers in the field, but which we're unable to reproduce.

After that, bugs which turn out to be due to a freak series or concurrence of events. These are at least reproducable, but obviously they can take a long time - and a lot of experimentation - to make happen.

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Without a doubt memory leaks. Especially when you do things like dynamically create controls and add handlers in ASP.NET. On Page Load.

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thread leaks, you often forget to count the number of threads

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This is purely fictional, but The Bug by Ellen Ullman is a great tale of a hard to find bug that had tragic consequences.

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character conversion problems on edbdic systems where the system mechanism to handle this has been disabled - urgh

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Handling scenarios where users open more than one tab when interfacing with a website. Very difficult to avoid data continuity problems. Depends on the app I guess but this is something we spend a lot of time unravelling!

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