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My Cocoa library which I have created is unable to access ffmpeg library. These are the following steps as I have imported the library: 1.I have created a static cocoa library named "SampleLibrary" 2.I have configured the ffmpeg and copy the ffmpeg folder in my project foler. 3.I have imported the libavcodec.a, libavfilter.a, libavcore.a, libavformat.a, libavutil.a, libavswscale.a by drag and drop.

4.I have set the Header Search path (in target and project info panel) as "./ffmpeg"

When I buid the cocoa library, it builds successfully.

But when, I create a sample cocoa application named "SampleApp" and use my cocoa library "SampleLibrary" in my application as:

  1. Copy SampleLibrary project folder in SampleApp folder.
  2. Drag the SampleLibrary.xcodeproj file in my app SampleApp.
  3. Expand the SampleLibrary.xcodeproj.
  4. Drag the libSamplelibrary.a in "Link Binary with Libraries" under taget section.
  5. Set the Header search path as: "./SampleLibrary".
  6. Build & run the SampleApp

It builds with the following error messages:

Ld build/Debug/ normal x86_64
cd "/Applications/SampleApp"
/Developer/usr/bin/gcc-4.2 -arch x86_64 -isysroot /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.6.sdk "-L/Applications/SampleApp/build/Debug" "-L/Applications/SampleApp/SampleLibrary/includes/ffmpeg/libavfilter" "-L/Applications/SampleApp/SampleLibrary/includes/ffmpeg/libavcodec" 

Undefined symbols:

"_x264_encoder_open_115", referenced from:
      _X264_init in libSampleLibrary.a(libx264.o)
  "_deflateReset", referenced from:
      _encode_frame in libSampleLibrary.a(lclenc.o)
      _encode_frame in libSampleLibrary.a(zmbvenc.o)
  "_deflate", referenced from:
      _encode_frame in libSampleLibrary.a(lclenc.o)
  "_x264_param_default", referenced from:
      _X264_init in libSampleLibrary.a(libx264.o)
  "_inflateInit_", referenced from:
      _decode_init in libSampleLibrary.a(lcldec.o)
      _decode_frame in libSampleLibrary.a(tiff.o)
      _decode_init in libSampleLibrary.a(zmbv.o)
      _matroska_decode_buffer in libSampleLibrary.a(matroskadec.o)
      _decode_frame in libSampleLibrary.a(pngdec.o)
      _decode_init in libSampleLibrary.a(tscc.o)
      _flashsv_decode_init in libSampleLibrary.a(flashsv.o)
  "_x264_encoder_encode", referenced from:
      _X264_frame in libSampleLibrary.a(libx264.o)

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

If anyone understands, what is going wrong, then plz help.

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