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I'm working on a project which involves scraping from the major search engines (to be more specific - checking page rank and finding similar pages). With curl I'm calling the search engine, then with a single preg_match_all I'm getting all of the results in an array. I don't have any problems with Google and Bing, but when I wrote the script for Yahoo it worked, but it has a bug.

I'm testing with search for "autobedrijf" in the Netherlands. I have 100 results on the page, but I end up with only 74 of them in the result array. I copied the regex to this tool, inserted the Yahoo's page source and there it matches all the 100 results.

These are the first results from Yahoo:

First results from Yahoo

but in the array I'm getting:


-Home Page

-Welkom bij autobedrijf Tolsma Exmorra


Which means that after "Home Page" it skips 3 results. I tried to find any difference between results 5 and 6 (the last skipped and the next one), but I didn't find any reason not to match the 5th one.

This is the preg_match_all script:

$pattern = '@<div>\s*<h3>\s*<a[^<>]*\shref="([^*"]*\*\*)*([^<>]*)">
preg_match_all($pattern, $result['EXE'], $matches);

The Yahoo page source for those two results looks like this:

<li><div class="res"><div><h3><a dirtyhref="
//" class="yschttl spt" 
<b>Autobedrijf</b> Greijmans Weert - Toyota <wbr>Specialist Occasions 
APK</a></h3></div><div class="abstr">In het databestand van 
<b>Autobedrijf</b> Greijmans vindt u zeer eenvoudig tweedehands auto's, 
bedrijfswagens, klassiekers. Kijk snel op onze website</div><span 
class="url">www.<b></b></span> - <a 
T92YKlVnT1g--">In de cache</a></div></li>

<li><div class="res"><div><h3><a dirtyhref="
Rjb2xvA2lyZAR2dGlkAw--/SIG=11l17c21h/EXP=1303157611/**http%3a//www." class="yschttl spt" href="http://www.autobedrijf">Welkom bij <b>autobedrijf</b> Tolsma Exmorra</a></h3></div>
<div class="abstr">Welkom op de vernieuwde website van <b>autobedrijf</b> 
Tolsma Exmorra incl.digitale showroom <b>...</b> Welkom bij <b>autobedrijf
</b> tolsma. Op deze site nodigen wij U uit een <b>...</b></div><span 
class="url">www.<b></b></span> - <a href="http://nl.
intl=nl%26sig=zRU95PdBOTfII93dZ411ZA--">In de cache</a></div></li>

I'm stuck on that for more than 5 hours already and I can't figure out why the regex tools are matching both of the results, while preg_match_all in PHP is matching only the second one.

If it matters - I'm testing on Windows with Apache and PHP 5.3.5.

Any advices are welcome, I can provide extra examples and testing code if you're interested.

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If you're parsing html with regex, you're doing it wrong. Seriously, use a proper parsing library.. – Tyler Eaves Apr 18 '11 at 13:44
I will try to do it "the right way", but really, for Google and Bing it works perfectly with regex :) – Petar Apr 18 '11 at 14:11
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An unpolished starting point:


$url = '';

$html = file_get_contents($url);

$doc = new DOMDocument;

$titles = $doc->getElementsByTagName('h3');
foreach($titles as $t){
    echo $t->nodeValue . PHP_EOL;

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Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try. Regex in my case is really a pain in the ass. – Petar Apr 18 '11 at 14:16

I recommend to use the Yahoo api. They offer very good services to reach results from yahoo with yahoo query language.


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