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I have been using both frameworks for last few months. They both have their highs and lows. Do not wish to start a thread to argue which is better.

Is there any way to implement Kohana style template where you can display one view in other in cakePHP.

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They are referred to as elements. Keep in mind a view is specific to a function within a controller. For example, let's say you have a User login. In the Users controller you will see:

function login() {
   // code

Then in the views directory you will have views/users/login.ctp.

But let's say there is a series of links you want to include in all views. It's not wise to manually cut and paste all of them into each view. This is because when there is a change in the links, you have to update every view. So the best way to do it is with an element:


Then in the view, you can simply add:

<?php echo $this->element('links'); ?>

Now, on the same token, if you simply want to render another view, you can call it with the render function:

<?php echo $this->render('/controller_name/method'); ?>

So if you want to render the users login view from another view, just add:

<?php echo $this->render('/users/login'); ?>

This will call views/users/login.ctp.

Happy Coding!

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that was really helpful.. i'll see if it helps! –  Rohan210 Apr 19 '11 at 10:43

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