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I use JIRA as a bug tracker and I built a Python tool that converts JIRA tasks report (got as XML from the 'Views' menu) into MS Access records that are user by another tool.

Ok, that's done, Python's the greatest !

Now I'd like to know how I can automate the 1st part, i.e. creating the report programmatically, ideally:

  • in XML
  • with the same format as the one provided by the 'Views' menu
  • using python of course !

Well, of course I can use other languages and other formats, I was just describing the perfect world ! I don't know if JQL could be used in any way, or if JIRA plugins are useful (I saw notably a Python CLI but I don't know if its features are powerful enough)...

Thanks for your advice/experience/ideas...

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You can expose JIRA through:

  • SOAP (currently the preferred way)
  • REST API (still under development)

All of which can be easily consumed in Python client.


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I don't think that REST api is currently available for production Jira – Bruce Apr 18 '11 at 14:43
Thanks for your answer ! – Emmanuel Apr 18 '11 at 15:26

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