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Here is example text...


I would like to extract "121112322" ... ... I can extract the "(121112322)", using this


But I would like to exclude the "()", and the text must inside the (), how can I do so? Thank you.

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For future reference, could you please be more specific about the regular expression implementation? Which library or language are you using? – GregC Apr 18 '11 at 14:47
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Regular expressions provide ways to capture buffers. Check this document on how to capture buffers with Perl, which is pretty universal.

Basically, you need to wrap up the piece of regex you want to capture in unescaped parenthesis:


By convention, in buffer 0 you'll have the whole string, and in buffer 1 you'll have the first captured buffer.

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This should do it.


The first group will be the value inside the brakets -- an example of usage in javascript

var test = 'sfsfsdfsdf(12a)sdfsdfsdf';
var r = test.match(/\((.*)\)/)
console.log(r[1]) // <--- bracket inners

and to see it in action

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