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I'm not very experienced with DBMS systems so I need some advice about which DBMS to use for storing RSS feeds.

The DBMS must be available on Linux and be free. I have some experience with MySQL but I am unsure if it performs fast enough to handle the storage and updates of hundreds of thousands of xml documents.

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Would you be storing the entire XML feeds in the database? Or just the data needed to create the feed? – Sasha Chedygov Jun 27 '09 at 8:44

You will have to provide more informations, but almost all DBMS could do a good job at this.

SQL Server Express is free and easy to use though, so that should be a starting point.

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Any of the DBMS can be sufficent to store RSS feeds the questions should be:

  • What DBMS do you have experience with?
  • What DBMS can you afford?
  • What DBMS has client libraries for your platform?
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