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I have a simple client code using xmlrpclib.

, where Server - ServerProxy from xmlrpclib. How to do this on twisted ? I see this example:

from twisted.web.xmlrpc import Proxy
from twisted.internet import reactor

def printValue(value):
    print repr(value)

def printError(error):
    print 'error', error

Server = Proxy('')
Server.callRemote('func1',).addCallbacks(printValue, printError)

but how to add several nesting callRemote functions ?

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You have code in the sample you pasted which takes an action when an XML-RPC call completes. printValue prints the result of a call and printError print an error which occurs during a call.

If you want to make another call after one finishes, then maybe instead of just printing something in printValue, you could issue another Server.callRemote there.

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