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Hi I have a WCF web serive which has an opeartion i need to call from a native C++ apllication. I have a bridge managed DLL which works, but I am having truoble with calling a WCF operation which has an OUT object.

The C# opearation:

void DoWork(string indxNum, out ErrorWarningsData objerrc)

Here ErrorWarningsData is a class in the C# Web Service.

This is how my Managed C++ code looks like :

gcroot<Binding^> binding1 = gcnew WSHttpBinding();

gcroot<EndpointAddress^> address1 = gcnew EndpointAddress(gcnew String(""));

gcroot<HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ResourceCenterServiceContractClient^> client = gcnew HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ResourceCenterServiceContractClient(binding1,address1);

gcroot<HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ErrorWarningsData^> objEWData = gcnew HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ErrorWarningsData;

But when I try to call the DoWork Method from the WCF Service I get an error .

This is what I tried :

client->DoWork("4278779",[Out] objEWData ); Also tried, client->DoWork("4278779",[Out] ^% objEWData ); And, client->DoWork("4278779",[Out] % objEWData );

Could some one please tell me how to access the oject with 'OUT'. I could find some examples to access [Out] for int and string but none for objects

PS: I followed the following to link to connect the WCF service to the native appliaction [link]

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I'm not sure why you are using gcroot in these cases. You can just do:

WSHttpBinding ^ binding1 = gcnew WSHttpBinding(); 
EndpointAddress ^ address1 = gcnew EndpointAddress(gcnew String (""));
HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ResourceCenterServiceContractClient ^ client = gcnew HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ResourceCenterServiceContractClient(binding1,address1);
HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ErrorWarningData ^ objEWData = gcnew HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ErrorWarningsData;
client->DoWork("4278779", objEWData); 
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I tried it , but it still throws an exception when I call the method client ->DoWork("4278778",objEWData) – abc123 Apr 18 '11 at 18:33
"still throws an exception"? You never mentioned it throwing an exception before. If it compiles, it looks like your question is answered--an exception occurring would indicate you are using the method incorrectly. – Matt Smith Apr 18 '11 at 18:59

You shouldn't need any extra markup in order to pass something as an out parameter in C++/CLI. The semantics are similar to passing by reference in native C++.

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I initialize the object using gcroot, So I get an error saying cannot convert from gcroot<T> to <HelloServiceClient::ServiceReference2::ErrorWarningsData^%> – abc123 Apr 18 '11 at 16:00
gcroot does not have a converstion operator to "T^%". It only returns a copy of T (which should be fine since T is a "pointer type" anyways. If you want the gcroot variable to point to the new T that is returned by the method, you'll have to have temporary variable of T^ that is passed into the method, and then assign that to your gcroot<T> variable. – Matt Smith Apr 18 '11 at 16:16

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