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What is the best way to change database table schema at run time in Play! Framework? I get an unspecified amount of columns from a client application and can not have domain objects.

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Another option may be to use a schema-less datastore ala mongodb. Seems like there is a mongo module for play, http://www.playframework.org/modules/mongo.

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You are quite right. But I have to use PostgreSQL because of its current deployment and integration with various other GIS apps. –  user403005 Apr 18 '11 at 18:33

Why not using Apache DDLUtils ?
It's not plugged by default in Play! but I use it in other projects and it's quite useful.

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I think this is exactly what you were looking for

have a look at play snippets


public class Application extends Controller {

public static void setDBSchema() {
    String schema = "someSchema"; // This can come from a Cache, for example

    Play.configuration.setProperty("hibernate.default_schema", schema);

    JPA.entityManagerFactory = null;
    JPAPlugin plugin = new JPAPlugin();


you just change the configured hibernate schema, and then force the JPAPlugin to restart

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