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I want to know how to get the original URL from php

For example:




I want to get test.php from example.php.

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You can try $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], but it's easy to fake. You can try using $_SESSION to save it. –  Khez Apr 18 '11 at 17:04
I don't really understand what you want. With this code snippet, you will be redirected to youdomain.com/test.php –  Bil Apr 18 '11 at 17:06
You should not be using relative paths when setting a location header! This is technically invalid. You must give the full URL. –  Brad Apr 18 '11 at 17:18

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header('location:' . $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);


This should work fine.

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Redirection with some delay say after 5 sec wait.

function js_redirect($url, $seconds)
    echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">\n";
    echo "<!-- hide code from displaying on browsers with JS turned off\n\n";
    echo "function redirect() {\n";
    echo "window.parent.location = \"" . $url . "\";\n";
    echo "}\n\n";
    echo "timer = setTimeout('redirect()', '" . ($seconds*1000) . "');\n\n";
    echo "-->\n";
    echo "</script>\n";

    return true;

js_redirect("http://www.exapmle.com",5); // Redirect after 5 sec
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