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I want to compare the current time and a given time inputted by the user using JavaScript.

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did you do anything yet? how are the times formatted?? – Neal Apr 18 '11 at 17:19
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Javascript has a powerful Date parser built right in. Try something like the following:

function compareDates(dateString)
  // Convert the user's text to a Date object
  var userDate = new Date(dateString);

  // Get the current time
  var currentDate = new Date();

    // User entered invalid date
    alert("Invalid date");

  var difference = currentDate - userDate;
  alert("The date entered differs from today's date by " + difference + " milliseconds");

Edit: If you want to parse time instead of dates, you have to use regular expressions. If the format the user enters is like 10:50pm, you could use something like the following code:

var dateRegex = /(\d\d?):(\d\d)(am|pm)?/;
function parseTime(timeString)
  var match = dateRegex.exec(timeString);
  if(!match) return null;
  return {
    hours: match[1]-0, // Subtracting zero converts to a number
    minutes: match[2]-0,
    isPM: match[3].toLowerCase === "pm"
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dear its good. but i want to compare the time. i mean user input will be a time, not the date. please edit this. – Aamir Apr 18 '11 at 19:24
You're going to have to resort to writing your own time parsing function, since JavaScript only parses it as part of the date. Try looking up regular expressions. – Na7coldwater Apr 20 '11 at 17:29

In JavaScript, the current date (including time, to the millisecond) is accessible like this:

var current = new Date();

That gets you a Date object, with many different methods and properties you can use. Among others, you'll be interested in getHours and getMinutes, if what you have from your user is a time.

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