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Ok. So I have a ajax request that I send to the server. This response contain the html that I am going to append to the site. My goal is to never reload the page, instead remove and add html with ajax requests in the background.

First I am not sure how I am going to generate the HTML with php. I want to create a table with previous successful logins. Something like this:

    $html = <<<HTML

    <div class="box">
            <a id="toggle-logins">Previous logins</a>
        <div class="block" id="logins">

                <th>IP address</th>
                <th class="currency">Time</th>
                <td class="currency">2011-04-15 04:00</td>


But how do I add a for loop for example into the mix so I can use arrays from the db to generate tables?

Next I send the json back.

$data = array( "message" => T_gettext("previous logins received"), "html" => $html );
return json_encode( $data );

Then I append it to the site with

var data = jQuery.parseJSON(data); 


This works fine, but I would like to know how to password encrypt and compress the $data or $html variable with php and then use jquery to decompress and decrypt it if this is possible. The password encryption might not be necessary in this example, but I would like to password encrypt chat and other features in the future.

Something like:

$html = super_encryption($html, $password); 

then in jquery

data.html = super_decryption(data.html, password);
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just gzip the content. Browsers support this so no jQuery needed. Enable this by


As for password-protection. Just use SSL (https). There's no real safe javascript based way of encrypting your data.

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