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I've got 4 tables involved in this scenario:

Info: each plan has an associated range of zips. For example, plan_id: 305 would have an associated zip range in plans_zips. And plans_zips has fields plan_id (305) / zip_id (432). So there is a duplicate for each plan_id for the total number of related zips. And zip_id would be have a unique for each plan_id but duplicated among the many plan_ids.

So to sum it up, I need to add new plans_zips records for all non-matching zips in the new_zips table (compared to the existing zips table) for each zip in between the current assigned zip range. And the logic will be based on a BETWEEN range of the low and high zip of the current plan_id being scanned. So if the new_zip falls in between a current plans zip range, then the record needs to be added to the plans_zips with the related plan_id and zip.id (from the zips table).

  1. new_zips - these are zip codes some of which will be duplicates in the zips table.

  2. zips - this is the zip code table that needs to be added to (from the highest auto-inc id)

  3. plans - plan_id field relates the the plan_id in plans_zips.

  4. plans_zips (join table: plan_id / zip_id)

Does anyone understand what I am trying to do?

Does my approach seem logical?

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sorry, no don't understand what you are trying to do...So you have a current plan_id that has a range of zipcodes already associated with it. You want to add new zipcodes to the zips table. And now you want to do something (adding new zipcodes to plans?) with a new plan_id? the existing plan_id? –  Leslie Apr 18 '11 at 18:58
This description is kind of a mess. I can't tell what the cardinality of the association between plans and zips is. Does a plan have a one-to-one association with just one "zip range", but a legacy system has this implemented as a many-to-many association between plans and zips, so it's implied that the single zip range of a plan is the minimum and maximum zipcodes associated with the plan? Concrete sample data would help. –  user662852 Apr 18 '11 at 19:15

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