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Hey all, Im working in IBM Websphere ILOG JRules 7.0 using RuleStudio (modified Eclipse) and am having an issue trying to implement a TimerTask.

I created a Techincal Rule based off a different rule that I know works and tried to add some code that would wait 5 seconds and then send a secondary message. I tried this via the following code:

int interval = 5000; // 5 sec
java.util.Date timeToRun = new java.util.Date(System.currentTimeMillis() + interval);
java.util.Timer timer = new java.util.Timer();

timer.schedule(new java.util.TimerTask() {
        public void run() {
            //  Message Sent Here
    }, timeToRun); 

However, this code does not compile. The error it points out is on the open bracket right after new java.util.TimerTask() and the error messag is at token "{".

Some interesting observations though:

-I tried doing java.util.TimerTask test = new java.util.TimerTask(); and it throws an error at new java.util.TimerTask(); saying Could not find a public constructor (or argument mismatch) for java.util.TimerTask. Which I find odd since it's defintaly imported.

-I have Java version 1.6.0_17 installed on my comp, if it matters.


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Strange. I have compiled this code w/o problem, if it of any help to you. Can you try to compile same code from console, via manual call to javac? – Victor Sorokin Apr 18 '11 at 19:45
Not sure if itll let me since Techinal Rule files are .trl, but I'll give it a shot. – Hershizer33 Apr 18 '11 at 20:01
I meant I compiled snippet on plain Oracle JDK, no fancy .trl stuff :) – Victor Sorokin Apr 18 '11 at 20:04
@Victor Yep its looking like it has to do with something ILOG Jrules specific, that code works fine in normal Java enviroments – Hershizer33 Apr 18 '11 at 20:22

I have no experience with ILOG, but I'm guessing that this will probably work better:

java.util.Timer timer = new java.util.Timer();

class MyTask extends java.util.TimerTask {
    public void run() {
        //  Message Sent Here

timer.schedule(new MyTask(), timeToRun);

If that still doesn't work, take MyTask out of the method.

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Didn't work, with the same at token "{" error on the open bracket after TimerTask... its like it has no clue what TimerTask is even when I directly import it. – Hershizer33 Apr 18 '11 at 21:30
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Noticed this was still open, turned out that the engine we were using has a customized java library on it that didnt include TimerTask... doh. Went with a thread sleep command that the library actually had.

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