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Using php 5.3 on windows 2008 in IIS 7.

I've installed NTS image magick and add php_imagick.dll to the php extensions directory and included it in php.ini . Restarted the machine and imagick shows up in phpinfo.

On this page I can run example #4 without problem.

As soon as I attempt to load a file by passing the file handler, or opening directly, it fails and gives me a 500 error. Nothing in event viewer.

Also in phpinfo, the version for imagick shows '@@package version@@' , very odd.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm working with apache, but the problem was the same. The only solution i find out is to downgrade image magick to version. Old builds you can find at

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I had the same exact issue (confirmed by running example 4 with no problems but still not being able to convert).

I solved it by adding read and execute permissions for IUSR, IUSR_BLAHBLAH, NETWORK SERVICE and IUSRS to the imagemagick directory and also c:\windows\temp (adding modify permissions to that as well)

Maybe not all those users need all that access but this is a firewalled dev box and I was desperate. Maybe I'll go back and scale it down but for now this - fixes the problem.

Also I'm using:

Windows 7 x64 / IIS 7.5 PHP 5.3.6 Image Magic 6.5.9-0 Imagick 2.3.0-rc3

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