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I have the following code on some absolute positioned divs on a page:


   }, function(){


<div class="do"></div>
<div class="do"></div>
<div class="do"></div> 

when hovering over an event using console.log($(this)) returns multiple events firing in a very sporadic way. it seems like they are being trigger multiple times. I have been using jQuery for quite some time and never experienced anything like this.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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show us the do-something parts? –  Tim Apr 18 '11 at 20:16
is there any strange css involved? You say they are absolutely positioned. Is their container position relative? –  John Strickler Apr 18 '11 at 20:23
@John parent element is relative and has fixed height / width. on some of the hovers the event will just keep repeating and the mouse is stationary. Im at a loss. –  jnolte Apr 18 '11 at 20:44
@jnolte which browser are you using? –  John Strickler Apr 18 '11 at 20:46
@John FF 4.0 Same behaviour in Safari :( –  jnolte Apr 18 '11 at 20:50

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Here's a fiddle of almost the same thing you posted. It's working exactly as I would imagine. See if your code is any different:


I highlighted the divs in red so you can see where the target area is.

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works like a charm for me > http://jsfiddle.net/ekxxC/

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:) my fiddle's prettier –  Milimetric Apr 18 '11 at 20:20

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