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I have a Zend Framework / Doctrine 1.2 project that is source controlled by git. How do you keep track of migration classes when switching from branch to branch in git?

For example

In branch A I have a migration class file (038_version.php)

In branch B I have a migration class file (039_version.php)

Doctrine will apply the migrations sequentially based on the file name, so I have to push out the features in branch A before branch B in order to get Doctrine migration to work.

Should I just keep all migrations in its own branch and change the numbers before going live?

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Since a branch is there to isolate a development effort, if you ask a task which depends on several branches, said branches are in the way.
It may be better to merge all those branches in a deployment branch, in order to visualize the relevant files for Doctrine to work on.

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