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i want connect my android application to facebook , I have downloaded easy facebook android sdk , and imported the jar into my project. Can someone help me to configure the parameters of my facebook application?

public class FacebookConnect extends Activity implements LoginListener {

        private FBLoginManager fbManager;

        public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        public void shareFacebook() {

                //change the permissions according to the function you want to use 
                String permissions[] = { "user_relationship_details",

                //change the parameters with those of your application
                fbManager = new FBLoginManager(this, "FacebookApplicationName",

                if (fbManager.existsSavedFacebook()) 


        public void onLoginFail() {
                fbManager.displayToast("Login failed!");


        public void onLoginSuccess(Facebook facebook) {

                //library use example
                GraphApi graphApi= new GraphApi(facebook);
                User myFacebookAccount = graphApi.getMyAccountInfo();

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I would start by filling up the fields of the FBLoginManager constructor with the relevant information:

public FBLoginManager(Activity activity,
                      java.lang.String appName,
                      java.lang.String apiKey,
                      java.lang.String secretKey,
                      java.lang.String appID,
                      java.lang.String site,
                      java.lang.String[] permission)

The instructions on how to fill them up are clearly stated here: http://www.easyfacebookandroidsdk.com/guide.asp

I would recommend you also to read the facebook getting started guide here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/
to have a general idea of a fb app, and the android specific guide:
to understand how to create the key hash

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i have read guide it's very simple to use , and don't require key hash thak you – magemello Apr 18 '11 at 23:02

You must to register on facebook site to use this SDK (actually - to send request and obtain the data from this site)

This tool generates a string that must be registered in the Mobile & Devices section of the Developer App for your app:


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