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Greetings everybody,

We are developing an ASP.NET application and we are testing with IE 7, IE8, Firefox 3/4, Chrome and Safari.

Last week, the admins updated windows 7 and the IE 9 was installed. With that updated when i execute the javascript function "hasOwnProperty" in some parts of the Web app, i receive the error "cannot execute code from freed script" with no reason (In those pages i use a lot of JQuery and JQuery UI).

I checked if there was a tag before any tag but there isn't.

I cant find any solution to this problem and cant explain why IE 9 gives this error with a NATIVE javascript function.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards,

Juan Alvarez

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Myself and many others have been running in to this.

Fritz van Campen sums it up best. Take a look at his answer: Can't execute code from a freed script - IE6 IE7 IE8 IE9

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